About Me

Yogesh Odyssey Opera             It’s my great pureness to acquaint myself to this world,,  YOGESH PRABHU ,  is my name,, 22 years Old Man and I think i’m a human,, but not certain of it??,,  literally known as  ODYSSEY OPERA ,,  ODYSSEY stands for an eventful journey,,  sometimes it sounds lonely and wandering,,  OPERA stands for the place of instrumentoso, musicalso, orchestroso, symphonieso,, <<<>>>>

             Likewise i want my life mixed, merged, blended with some eventful journey of musico,,  Always A life starts with musico and ends with musico ,,, — quoted by BRAHMS,,  i love, like musico so the way right i want musico to love me,,  ie moe musica you musica lovylaica musica….musica ne surrendero keia….. .. That’s all about myself…Myself is musica…musica is myself….. This place contains not only the bunch of information about cinema but also about the enigma and mystery of life,,<<<>>>>

              I‘ve spent half of my life in watching, thinking,  discussing about world cinemas and music,,  once i experienced an emptiness in movies,, My God! i realised i’m sick of movies,, watching 8 movies a day,, when i found emptiness each time,,  i keeep on changing my genre,,  counting approximately 10000+ movies till now,, English, French,Italian or Latin,Japanese,roumanian,Hong kong,Korean some German even serbia too,,  After watching these i found I’m educating myself,, so this knowledge making my senses weird to writing these crap right now!! <<<>>>>

<<<That is all! about me and myself>>>


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