meaning of life

“AUM”? “OHM”?
In ancient tamil language, AUM OHM chant meant for the origin of the Universe. “OHM” is the source of all, HOW?. In “AUM” chant, “A” meant for Agaaram (Arivu) i.e. intellectual. “U” meant for (Ugaaram) “UYIR”, “M” meant for (Magaaram) manam / Mind. From the “AUM” it is obvious that, our Arivu, Uyir and Mind are integrated thing. In all of our births, our UYIR with our Mind and Arivu (intellectual) remains
unchanged. Based on the memories of mind only our UYIR builds our body during conception. In this system, our UYIR is the ruler, mind, body and intellect are dependent of our UYIR. UYIR only the creator of the Universe. UYIR is union of molecules and atoms. “UYIR” is an atom, in which the Nucleus is the UYIR, which is neutral.

The positively charged Proton (+) is our Arivu / intellect, the negatively charged Electron (-) is our Mind. In our modern science, all materials and living things are integrated by atoms and molecules. No one can refuse our real UYIR GOD. At the time of our origin, our single UYIR cell entering with five sensing organs. Hence in ancient Hindu religions, our UYIR GOD was shown as five headed snake. Also our single sperm cell traveling in to our mother by swimming as a snake which is Uyir body. After entering it starts building our World body.

The only one UYIR is taking crores of body in the world then all bodies, are also destroyed by the same UYIR by various causes such as diseases, calamities, etc. If you starts believe and bound with your real GOD, definitely you can overcome your death and can reach our real world, which is GOD’s House. We must learn about our body, mind, arivu (intellects) and uyir, our UYIR is the source for all. UYIR is the creator of all. UYIR is the all form of cosmic energy, without our UYIR, nothing will move in the world. Hence our UYIR is the GOD.


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